amplify her credits

Crafted from a rich library of footage, here is a snippet of the end credits I created for the documentary Amplify Her. Animation, motion design and sfx bring together an array of footage showcasing the wide array of hands and hearts that went into creating this film. The documentary is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime, and you can see the credits in their full glory there!

hipsterbait over view

Hipsterbait - coming soon to an app store near you, was an exciting video to work on. The music discovery apps brand has a slight tongue-in-cheek and grunge to it, as it should. The mixture of illustrations with green screened live footage in this overview video packs a visual punch that leaves you wanting more. This video was created at One Net Inc.


I have worked on a variety of videos for Applovin at One Net Inc, with one of the most recent videos showcasing their Dublin office. This snippet showcases the intro of this recruitment video for the mobile app advertising giant. There is a mixture of live footage and stylish motion design throughout this video.

Watch full video here:

dreamcraft attractions

This sizzle video brought forth an interesting challenge of utilizing footage from a previously shot video and then re-cutting it and adding motion design and fx to tell Dreamcraft's story in a spell bounding way. This video was created at One Net Inc and I edited and created the motion design for this video.