The Keytone

In the not-so distant future, one robot named Blondtron, has been entrusted with a keytone they must deliver to the masses in a last hope for a chance to overthrow the evil corruption that originally funded her creation. Can she find the Keytone and the power to ignore the programming forced upon her before it’s too late?

The Keytone is one part of the seven part Amplify Her motion comic series. Amplify Her is more then a documentary. It is a cross platform storyworld encompassing: film, illustraion, animation and music—imaganed and brought to life by female creators across North America and beyond. This motion comic was completed in 2018.

I was the co-director, animator, co-illustrator and co-creator of this motion comic. It has screened across the world at screenings and film festivals including the Canada House Official Launch Party in SXSW, Women Delivery Conference and Halifax Pop Explosion.


A World War I veteran longs for his pre-war life but his only chance to return to his past glory requires the ultimate sacrifice. 
Content warning: Self-violence and the after effects of War

This was my Grad Film created at Emily Carr University in 2011, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada.
It screened at the Victoria Film Festival in 2012 and the San Francisco Independent Film Festival in 2012.

Watch full video here:

uber central

Uber Central allows companies to easily book rides for customers and employees all in one convenient location. This video was created at One Net Inc, and utilizes a combination of live footage, animation and motion design.

For my part, I animated and edited the video. The clip above shows a seamless transition between animation and
live footage.

Watch full video here:


Quickbase wanted an animated sales video that would succinctly showcase its product in a stylish and fresh way. This video was created at One Net Inc, and was a fun challenge to bring the isometric illustrations to life.

Watch full video here:

applepie capital

ApplePie Capital was looking for a sizzle video that could explain their product in a light and fun way. Created at One Net Inc, I animated and edited the video.

Watch full video here: